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Ever felt tired reading massive amounts of text on-screen? Lose your thread when reading documents onscreen? Struggle to find the right cell in a spreadsheet
NiceProTools offers a range of software products to make onscreen reading and working easier, less stressful and more productive.

Give clear presentations

Hand pointer

The Hand Pointer is a superimposed hand graphic over your mouse arrow, making it much more visible.

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Never lose track

Line & Small line

The line shaped guide makes reading of text on web pages, PDF and text documents faster and easier. You can use the long line to underline text in 2 programs simultaneously (e.g. a PDF viewer and a text editor), or the small line for underlining specific words.

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Keep track in databases


The large cross extends over the row headers and column headers, which makes it easier to find or edit information at the correct position in tables, and reduces the risk of making mistakes

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Ideal for translators and transcribers

Frozen line

Text in the left document of your screen remains underlined, enabling you to work in the right document, without having to point to the screen with your finger.

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