Line Or Cross® adds in navigation tools to help you stay on track. In ‘line’ mode a semi-transparent line helps you keep your place when reading documents, while the ‘cross’ mode speeds up navigating in worksheets and tables.

Tune My Screen® offers a coloured or textured overlay to transform shiny bright background into a matt paper-like background to reduce eyestrain, and allows you to take a screenshot (color/gray) and automatically save as JPEG file.

Work better

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Save time

No more endless searching in big databases or in large heaps of text. With Line Or Cross® you always find focus in your work.

Work more accurate

Avoid making mistakes due to a lack of overview or fatigue. Keep your work on point with the visual aides from Line Or Cross® and the overlays in Tune My Screen®.

Reduce eye strain

Probably most of us work too much behind a screen. Give your eyes the peace they need with Line Or Cross® and Tune My Screen®.

Easy advanced screenshots

Easily screenshot an entire presentation with a single click of your mouse. This feature will save you a lot of time and headache.

Line Or Cross® also allows you to increase eye comfort by adjusting the appearance of your screen, with all the features found in Tune My Screen®. Apply a colour filter or add a matt paper-look background texture, to soften intense colour and brilliant white screen displays.

Work more accurately

Line Or Cross®

Line Or Cross® is a practical add-on for Microsoft Windows®, combining the colour and texture overlay capabilities of Tune my Screen® with additional navigational functions. Line Or Cross® works unobtrusively on top of your usual mouse functions to help you find and keep your place while working or reading onscreen.

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Line Or Cross® offers 6 foreground modes: the hand pointer, small line, large line, small cross, large cross, and frozen line with adjustable size and color and transparency.

lifetime guarantee

The line shaped guide makes reading of text on web pages, PDF and text documents faster and easier. The cross shaped guide makes it easier to find or edit information at the correct position in tables.

Tune My Screen® is an indispensable aid for anyone who suffers eye problems or headaches while working on the computer. It’s ideal for older computer users – who are more prone to eyestrain – or anyone with poor vision, and it’s also great for people who already use coloured overlays to make reading easier. But Tune My Screen® can make working and reading onscreen more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone

Work more ergonomically

Tune My Screen®

Tune My Screen® is a practical add-on for Microsoft Windows®, with an intuitive interface that allows you to fully customise the appearance of your screen – its colour, texture, contrast and so on – using toggles and faders.

lifetime guarantee

Soften harsh white glare, tweak your screen colour as much or as little as you like, or add a matt paper-look background to increase reading comfort.

lifetime guarantee

Tune My Screen® also allows you to take screenshots which show your screen’s contents without the colour filter, so you don’t have to turn the program off before taking a screengrab, thereby saving time and avoiding a bright flash.

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