How to chose the right software for you

Our software is developed to help you work more ergonomically and to enable you to better focus on the task at hand. Line Or Cross and Tune My Screen share many some functionalities though.

Tune My Screen is designed to make your PC screen easier on your eyes, just like the name implies. TMS offers a color overlay making the … and a texture overlay which gives your screen a paper-like feel.

TMS also includes a Print Sceen and JPEG functionality, …


Line Or Cross includes all functionalities of Tune My Screen, plus an additional

  • Hand pointer, which is perfect for giving presentations;
  • Small / large line for underlining text to keep track while reading on your PC;
  • Small / large cross, which is useful when working in databases and Excel files;
  • Frozen line, which enables you to keep track in two documents on the same screen simultaneously. 


In order to help you decide which program is better suited for your needs we made this convenient product matrix, so you have an easy overview of the functionalities you are looking for.

Line Or Cross product box
3 background
Tune My Screen
Line Or Cross
Semi-transparent color overlay
Semi-transparent texture overlay
Prt Scr & JPEG
Capture Screenshot + color compensation
Capture Screenshot + color compensation + Save as JPEG
Full screen or frame or rectangular selection
Capture webpage (Nx JPEG)
Foreground mode
Standard windows cursor
Small / Large Line
Small / Large Cross
Frozen Line
Support for 1 or 2 High DPI monitors
Free 30-day trial
Non-expiring license with 2 activations
Purchase price after 30 day trial period
Free download
Free download